Sunday, March 7, 2010

Solace in Repetition

1950s Suburban bathroom tile colors—cut and pasted in Photoshop. Pink and Gray were my college colors as well.

D I G I T A L   W O R K — People familiar with my work on wood, know that I'm a fan of checkerboard patterns, repetitive squares of colors. Most of the time they are random. Sometimes I repeat a certain amount of squares for a calming effect. I find repetitive checkerboard/square patterns fascinating and have used them to both anchor a piece's other images, and to serve as the piece itself.

In this digital piece, I created the colors of my family's mid 1950s suburban home's bathroom tiles, pink, gray and black—my parents owned a pink and black 1956 Ford Sunliner convertible back in the day as well. I cut and pasted squares with these three colors into the patterns you see here.

Pink and black never really recovered from its kitsch status after that fateful 1963 day in Dallas when President Kennedy was assassinated. The First Lady was wearing a pink suit with a black collar (I think Chanel, not positive) during the motorcade when he was shot, and was famously seen wearing the same suit with the President's blood on it during the swearing-in ceremony of Lyndon Johnson, aboard Air Force One on the way back to D.C. later that day.

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