Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Wreath and Crest Introduces Hybrid Competition for the Z4 and SLK

Hybrid and Supercharged, the Eldorodster brings it's powered flip-top to the near-lux party. Click to see in all its tiny glory.

C H O P — This is another chop from the past, but every time I find it in a folder, or in Photobucket, it makes me smile. The XLR's body lines were reduced and softened to form this 2 seat entry-level lux sports car, the Eldorodster  A hybrid drivetrain assisting a high-tech supercharged and direct-injected V4 of 1.2 liters powers the rear wheels of this sporting roadster. Lightweight batteries and ultrasmall petrol engine combine to put out 250hp and 300 ft/lbs, more than ample to move the 2800lb sportscar, all the while delivering 52/42 mpg in gov't tests. Safety tests warranted a new highly-coveted sixth star for this new addition to the Standard of the World : )


  1. What a great vision and concept, I love it!

  2. I always thought a Cadillac like this would make a lot of sense for the now-defunct Kappa platform, particularly given its low volumes and Cadillac's higher profit margins.

    Maybe we'll see something like this on the Alpha platform someday?