Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to the Futura: Ford's Friday Night Special

Introduced amid strobes and retro House music, Ford's new mid-engined hybrid 4 seater made it's debut Friday night—a fitting finale to the 2010 Geneva auto show?

C H O P — Sitting here on a Friday night, reading political blogs, watching MSNBC and listening to old disco music—music I heard in the clubs of LA, New York, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco, in my, ahem, younger days. Listening to classic disco can make me smile, remembering all the amazing times I had with my friends back then. Listening to classic disco can also make me cry, remembering all of those great friends that died too soon, leaving ME behind [of all people]. They must be laughing out loud at that, I tell you.

Anyway, listening to artists like Sylvester, Cheryl Lynn, Aretha, Diana Ross, Dan Hartman etc, I remembered this Ford chop I did last year. I used an Aston Martin as the base image! I'm the first to admit that a mid-engined 4 seater hybrid is pretty much as out there as you can get these days. I enjoyed creating the atmosphere of a dance club in which a car of this ilk could be introduced . . .

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