Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tropical Thunder: RWD Hot Hatch Enters Fray with Opera Windows?

Hot hatch Southern California-style a la artandcolour

C H O P — Long before the recent Aveo RS concept hit the car show stands, I chopped an Aveo 5 door into this little sport hatch with rear-wheel drive proportions. I especially like the formal Lincoln Town Car-esque C pillar window treatment I worked into this 150 inch B segmenter, lol. I can imagine the Chevy Bow-Tie engraved or laminated into that small vertical pane. The Aveo name is slightly embossed into the lower rocker panels, optionally picked out in contrasting color as seen in this example. The shaved doorhandles are a classic custom touch. A bright cheerful chop for a late-to-start but sunny Saturday afternoon. 

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