Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prius Coupe Loses Two Doors, Two Pillars. Photochops Still Deemed 100% Safe, No Recalls

In the chop from sedan to svelte pillarless coupe, my Prius proves once again that my chops have not been, nor ever will be recalled. Click pic to safely enlarge : )

C H O P — On a  day with yet another runaway Prius story in the news, this Prius is what I refer to as a classic sedan-to-coupe chop. Starting off with the 2010 Prius, I lowered the roof, made it a 2 door with pillarless body construction. The roof is blacked out with a carbon-fiber/sunroof package, lowering the center of gravity somewhat. The quad exhausts utilize a new ActiveSound option for city/pedestrian situations. This allows the driver to select from several exhaust tones to bolster the external sound during electric-only operation, alerting sight-impaired pedestrians . I also added the dark argent rocker panel treatment, in an effort to lessen the height of the tall Prius sedan.