Thursday, March 4, 2010

LMPV002-Family Truckster Goes to Charm School Sant'Agata Bolognese-Style

550 hp V12 Lamborghini LMPV002 Minivan. Late for that PTA meeting? Click pic to see all of its family goodness.

C H O P — What could epitomize the concept of a chop more than a Lamborghini minivan, lol? I worked this one up from a Murcielago 3-4 years ago, during my early days of the Combustion Chamber at Autoweek. The classic Lambo bull logo is broadcast on the side, much as the Cavallino Rampante of Ferrari's prances along the cowls of many of Maranello's rosso roadsters. This people mover's name, LMPV002 relates to that other non-sportscar Lamborghini, the LM002, the now-classic off-roader. I'll take mine in a gorgeous metallic mink-brown color I saw an original Espada in once. That might not sound great, but believe me, the Espada looked like a million tasteful bucks in that shade.

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