Friday, March 5, 2010

Where My Palette Originates

Home installation, 2008. Notice the colors in my piece vis-a-vis the collectibles.

C O L L E C T I O N — Arranging my collections in various ways helps me build my palette for my pieces. The colors of the past, the colors of my present, are the hues I build upon in my work. I find them soothing, striking, comfortable-yet-jarring in other cases. You can see vintage toys and salt-n-pepper shakers, all dating back to the 'teens through the fifties of the last century. The top shelf holds items I've recognized on the Antiques Roadshow episodes I've watched. I haven't hit it big yet, lol.

"Clowns in My Coffee," a triptych, is on the wall flanked by vintage beads and postcard. The case is both painted and appliqued with fabric, from a design I sketched out. i had it built by a master woodworker, a friend's father, and is one of the few fabulous contemporary pieces I own, imo.

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