Friday, February 19, 2010

Dagmar Bumper Bullets, I and II

O N   W O O D — Dagmars 1. This piece is on two pieces of plywood, cemented together, the smaller one mounted on top of the larger base unit. The image is a photo i shot of a 1956 Cadillac front bumper guard, or Dagmar as they were known back then. Dagmar was a very 'busty' B actress of the period, and these bumper guards grew more voluptuous by the year... This is one of my earliest pieces on wood, approximately 24 x 26 inches.

Dagmars 2. This is a variation using the same base image of the '56 Cadillac. This piece is one of my cardboard 'quilts' and has a secured plywood backing for hanging. The basic image is centered and various colorized versions surround it. A paint treatment of squares and stripes are also used in this piece, with silver foil applied along the edges in places. approximately 27 x 33 inches. Wall joint compound is also used, to bring out the dimpled nature of the corregated cardboard, another way to add my favored graphic repetitive motif. 

B T W :
C A R D B O A R D   Q U I L T S — are composed of three layers of corrugated cardboard squares cemented together in an alternating pattern for strength. Then a plywood backing piece is used to mount the 'sandwich.' As these piece age, and dry out in my 150+year old house, they tend to warp and curl just a smidge, giving them a very cool 3D appearance when hung. I'd love to say I planned it that way the first time . . . When I saw the effect after I finished it though, I realized how much I liked it and actually enhanced it on subsequent cardboard quilts.

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