Friday, February 19, 2010

Birth of the Bonnie

B / W   N I K O N / F I L M   I M A G E  Detail view of the '57 Pontiac Bonneville front fender trim and spinner wheelcovers. The Bonneville was a special model in this it's first year, equipped with almost every option Pontiac offered, including a fuel injected 300+ hp V8 (as scripted on the fender in the photo). It listed for more than $5700 (REALLY expensive for a Pontiac back then-Cadillac territory for sure) and only about 630 examples were ever sold according to most sources. I took this photo on film with a Nikon camera in 1980 at a local car show. This beat-up image is scanned from an old-fashioned contact sheet. I never had the negatives printed, and it's REALLY hard to find reasonable b/w printing in the 21st century. BTW, cars like this go for $100,000+ these days.

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