Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not Anytime Soon: Sporting, Elegant, Luxury Hatches

C H O P S — The Bentley Continental Mulsanne T3 is a sporting Grand Touring car, capable of high-speed transportation for 4 beautiful people, plus their luggage, for a weekend in Gstaad. Interestingly, I chopped this 5 door GT a couple of years ago, long before it was revealed the new Grand Bentley would be named Mulsanne. This chop is based on the current Continental/Flying Spur, not the huge new namesake.

Another über expensive hatch that won't be built, is this Aston Martin DBS Longroof. I can never remember if the term is Shooting Brake or Shooting Break, so I called this the Longroof, lol. Aston has a long history of sporting semi-wagons, and they just showed that Lagonda crossover recently, so maybe this isn't all that far-fetched. I would love to have a GT like this with a modicum of luggage space. I could get into driving my art around in the back of this—the ultimate Reliant Scimitar!

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