Friday, February 19, 2010

Elegance comes to the CTS wagon

An arching roofline, reworked taillights, and carbon fiber roof/tailgate highlight my CTS wagon.

C H O P — I really like the CTS Sport wagon, I do. The current crop of designers at GM, are headed up by one of the best in the biz. Ed Welburn is  right up there, carved front and center on GM's Mt. Rushmore, with Harley Earl and William Mitchell. GM is headed towards a renaissance I'm truly excited to see. Earl and Mitchell in their heyday created magic and changed the way we see all automobiles. Welburn has what it takes for a threepeat, for sure! 

However, the current CTS Sportwagon just doesn't do it for me 100%. The D pillar is too thick, the rear tailgate too sculpted, the taillights too contrived. I'm not saying I dislike it, I admire it's brashness, it's just not the elegant estate wagon I think it could have been. In this chop, I gave the small Caddy a graceful arching roofline. It may not be the angular Art & Science design theme as we know it, but there ARE gracefully arched objects in art and in science, so i will justify it in that way, lol. I think the car just looks much lighter, much more lithe like this. The tailgate is blacked out, signifying the carbonfiber roof and tailgate option. This option, though expensive, would not only lighten the overall car, but would lower the center of gravity as well. It also enhances the overall shape in a way I hope the original designers would appreciate. I could see my CTS wagon parked at the local yacht club, right next to the E class wagons and Audi Avants. 


  1. Uhhhhh, no. Versus this, looking like a CR-V and an R-Class took it in a dark alley, the real thing looks so much better.

  2. I really like your D pillar, much better than the real thing.