Friday, February 19, 2010

Late '60s AMC Wasp prototype

C H O P — This image shows what could have been a late '60s prototype midsize sedan from AMC, the Wasp. It would have been developed concurrently with what eventually became the Hornet. This approach, using much of the upcoming Javelin's design cues, could have been one of the first 4 door 'coupes. . .' Photo shows it to be a bit down-at-the-heels today, but still svelte! 

History artandcolour style, bien sur.


  1. This looks wrong. As wrong, in fact, as the late-model Javelin ('73 or '74) I saw with a column shift automatic. (Turbo Command, I think.) My parents' first new second car was a '73 Javelin, a great car from the B-pillar forward. (Unfortunately, I had to sit behind the B pillar.) Their Javelin had buckets, a console and floor shift (for the automatic attached to a 304 V-8), and few other options, so I thought all Javelins had floor shift. Just wrong.
    I still maintain AMC sowed the seeds for its destruction by canning the Javelin in favor of the ... Pacer.

  2. maybe that's why it never got beyond the prototype stage, in my mind anyway!

    Have you ever seen an early Mustang with a bench seat? they didn't all come with bucket seats. I was shocked when i saw one and found out it was factory. It had a fold down armrest, but was a bench with a column shift.

  3. But a shooting brake might work ... (For one thing, the Javelin trunk was large enough for the spare tire and my dad's golf clubs. And that's it.)