Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tucker Relaunched as Super-Eco Hybrid

C H O P — As a result of government TARP funds, Tucker is back! Tucker's first production automobile in more than 60 years is a super-frugal hybrid model, the Torpedoette. Classic cues from the original Alex Tremulis-designed Torpedo are updated on this new addition to the hyper-green scene. 

City mileage is expected to be more than 100mpg; Street cred should be maxed out once the electronic "Cyclops" LED headlight starts pulsing to the beat of the street. The diminutive car's primary HD listens to exterior sounds through its 'Emotional Microphone' and interprets it as a rhythmic beat. Electronically controlled LEDs surrounding the central headlight, then dance to the beat of the street as the press release states, becoming One with your surroundings—promoting Maximum Passivity and Maximum Fuel Economy. You can't make this shit up, people.

Actually you can. : )
This chop's base photo was a Toyota concept car from a couple of years ago. The details come from various Tucker images i found online to sample from.

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