Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't Blame "Texting While Driving"

V I N T A G E   O O P S — There was no date on the back of these snapshots, but i'd guess 1939-40. The crashed car is a '37 Buick Convertible-quite the collectible today. The shiny black car in the background of the top photo and at the left in the bottom photo, is my uncle's '35 Ford V8 coupe (also collectible today), which I know he drove before the war. Click to enlarge. The vintage detail is cool, including some slight dents in the Fords trunk. You'll also see signs for indoor parking, groceries, liquor-the more things change, the more they stay the same.

B T W :
A  B E T T E R  V I E W — The '35 Ford Coupe from the scenes above. There is only 1 windshield wiper, above the chrome-framed windshield, and there are two horns. I'm not sure if this is a Standard or a Deluxe coupe-I think it's a Deluxe with a missing wiper. This example is a 3-window coupe, a 2-3 seater with only a front bench seat. It was one of the most streamlined of the '35s, really a beautiful car, imo. Flathead V8, mechanical brakes and buggy springs as they say in the biz. One of Henry's finest.

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