Friday, February 26, 2010

They Said I Was Crazy. Part 265.

Chop of a hypothetical fiberglass protoype H330GTB SWB recently rolled out in the sun for an executive meeting at artandcolour headquarters. Click pic to see all it's shiny plastic goodness. : )

C H O P — When I first posted this Ferrari Hybrid chop a few years ago, at whatever forum I was in at the time, AWCC?, MT?, most fellow posters called me crazy. They said that Ferrari would never build a hybrid. News reports now filling the webwaves as I type this, tell of the upcoming 599-based Ferrari hybrid concept to debut at the Geneva show in the next coupla weeks. Yes, a hybrid Ferrari, at least in concept form.

Of course, the real one will look nothing whatsoever like my chop, lol. I envisioned such a car as a small, lightweight-yet-awesome handling clean and green sportscar. Much as the V6 Dino anchored the bottom of the Ferrari line back in the 'day' this model would achieve it's pace and grace (to borrow Jaguar's words) through light weight and a balanced drivetrain, despite the hybrid bits and pieces and heavy batteries. Apparently the real one will look like a 599-badass in every way in other words! Can't argue with that decision.

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