Friday, February 19, 2010

Roofline from the Past Leads Mercury's Future: The Breezeway is Back!

C H O P S — I've always been fascinated with the Breezeway models that Mercury produced in the late 50s, and then from '63-'68. Their reversed C pillar and electrically opening rear window makes so much sense for ventilation and shade, and impart such a distinctive style, i'm surprised they didn't really catch on more. This chop uses Ford's Interceptor concept, a premium rwd platform, well-suited to Mercury's upmarket status. Details include ribbed chrome trim on the C pillar and nameplate, similar to vintage Breezeways. Small rear "access hatches" open suicide style via remote or keyfob, to help with access to the rear seating area.

Word has it that the British B segment Anglia Breezeway will be imported to the states for Mercury.

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