Thursday, February 25, 2010

It Must Have Been a Really Slow News Day

Like an opening scene for Bonanza . . . Click on clipping to read

C O L L E C T I O N — Even for 1905, this must have been a quiet day in this small shoreline town! The idea that a horse got away from its owner, didn't cause any damage to anything and STILL made the news, must have amused the owner of the horse: my grandfather or one of his brothers. Wasn't this the opening scene in many western films and TVshows, lol?

I scanned this item out of an old newspaper I found packed in a box. I'll often go through old family boxes and find items of interest to use in my art in some way. This would be cool printed out fairly large and used as a neutral background in one of my collages on wood. My grandfather would have been 17 in 1905, and his 3 brothers would have been slightly older and younger. 

The Gifts of Charles Sanborn
15 x 28 inches on hardwood. 

O N  W O O D — This portrait is the same grandfather from the 'wild' horse story above, this time in 1923 at the age 35. In this piece, I've surround his portrait with images of items from his home, and in a broader sense, all the gifts he passed down to me. There are real vintage 2 cent stamps used in this piece. He sent quite a few postcards back home from Europe when he was in WW1, and several of the stamps he had used on them have dried and fallen off. I thought it was appropriate to use his own stamps surrounding his portrait. He died 25 years before i was born, but I like to think he's enjoying looking out from that vantage point in the photo again, perhaps looking out at the person taking the photo, his fiancée, my grandmother. In a way, i guess he's looking out at the world again, too. I wonder what someone who died in 1942 would think about the world in 2010? Like all photos on this blog, click to enlarge.

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