Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not on Recall List; Execs Testify in Congress Today

C H O P — The best part of fake cars is that they rarely, if ever, get recalled. Toyota's execs are testifying in Congress today about their company's recent spate of recalls, and they are all breathing a sigh of relief that my chops aren't on their recall lists, too.

Pictured above is the Corolla's new 5 door bodystyle in top-line trim, the revived SR label. In this newest application, the SR6, the 6 refers to their new 6 speed automated dual-clutch transmission. A bunch of detail changes have been chopped into this Corolla model, including rwd proportions signaling a new platform. They all add up to a pretty cool, sporting high-end look if you ask me, and a great nod to the crazy-fun rwd Corolla SR5s of the past!

B T W :
I N F L U E N C E S — I've always admired 4 door fastbacks, +1 if they're equipped with a hatch, +5 if they're the sporting or avant garde versions. The Rover SD1 comes to mind from the '70s for the former, and almost any '70s Citroën, the BS, GS, the CX, fills the latter niche. The first Lancia Gamma Berline was full-figured fersure, but still a beautiful form with sophisticated details. Going back a bit further, the Austin "Landcrabs" intrigued me as a child. Going back even further, the early 50s Nash Ambassador had a gorgeous aerodynamic fastback bodystyle. Even the lowly post-war Chevys had a fastback option, the Fleetline, until 1951. Not big sellers then, I find them the best looking of that series—with the exception of the first pillarless Bel Air of '50. I'll take mine in pale gray with blackwall tires and fender skirts.


  1. love looking at your chops, nice read too.

  2. hey thanks, AJ! welcome. i'll be posting chops most every day. and i'm working on the words too.