Friday, February 19, 2010

305 hp V6 Mustang Sportsroof introduced

C H O P — Mustang V6 Sportsroof—Ford's recent introduction of the new 305hp V6 in the '11 Mustang got me thinking about a way Ford could add to the Mustang's sales appeal. The new V6 is such a powerful and surprisingly efficient engine, it deserves it's own special bodystyle and market positioning. Instead of thinking of the V6 as only an entry-level model, a second version, perhaps reviving the Grandé nameplate,  updates the greenhouse to include more glass area and a much more flowing C pillar. The roof would include a full length polycarbonate panel, which slides open over the rear window in much the same way as the current Porsche Targa model. The interior would be a luxurious version of the GT's with higher-grade leather and hammered metal accents, as well as standard sat/nav and full connectivity. Instead of the brutal power of the V8 GT model, this V6 would stress balance and sophistication and efficiency.

This move would also leave room in the lineup for a true entry-level (and efficient) 'Stang—perhaps an Eco-Boosted 4 cylinder. It could be introduced in a shell lightened by selective decontenting for maximum economy and great handling.

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