Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feel This. It's like Buttah!

O N  W O O D — Mid-Century Modern. This piece is 20 x 11 inches on pine, with appliqued vintage linoleum and paint, graphite and polyurethane. Not only do the grid and the various shapes remind me of Saarinon's exhuberance and Dior's New Look, the colors are the two- and three-tones of Detroit's finned wonders from that fabulous period. These are the colors that filled the parking lots of drive-ins and bowling alleys and whisked along suburban turnpikes and city boulevards. 

The feel of this piece is velvet, and i'm not speaking metaphorically. I encourage people to run their hands over all of my work. This piece is so smooth and burnished, it could be velvet. I love it when life happens!

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