Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"At Ease, Soldier," circa 1955.

Lighthearted hijinks during a peace-time afternoon in the U.S. Army, Germany, ca 1955. One soldier "polishes" my Dad's shoes, while the other one cools him down with a fan. I suspect it was coffee break time, that's one of my Dad's homemade Thermoses in the background, and it looks like he's got his hand on a Cup o'Joe. They could have been reacting to my Dad's cigarette holder... 

This would have been the Motor Pool office at the base in Stuttgart. I like the tone and subtext of this moment in time among co-workers that enjoyed each other's company. I also like the pure graphicness of the scene, the dark diamond-shaped items on the wall, the well-pressed uniforms, the bit of period typography on the wall at the left and the honest, most likely homespun, young faces.


  1. OK, back up...."homemade Thermoses"? Your dad made this? Now there must be a story yet to be told.

    also did you add the ribbons and bullcase name tag?

  2. nope, I didn't add anything to the photo. I'm not sure what Bullcase is!

  3. With the chest of ribbons I would imagine it's like bull as in BS. lol

  4. 1955 WAS A GOOD YEAR.


  5. From the pictures I've seen of you, you look a lot like your dad.

    He was lucky he was stationed in Germany and not Korea during the 50's.

    If I was stationed in Stuttgart, you know where I would be handing out :)

  6. actually my Dad was stationed in Japan during the Korean conflict and fought in it in Korea. Then in early '55 they were transferred to Germany. I have some cool photos of Japan and Korea in the fifties, i'll get around to scanning one of these days.