Tuesday, October 19, 2010

f a l l c o l o u r s 2 0 1 0

Creating abstracts from leaves and trees is, as they say, a no-brainer. I love how the dappled shadows on the ground, along with the similar sized brown leaves which have fallen, creates an almost natural leopard-skin pattern. The large yellow leaves remind me of period late 1940s wallpaper. Click on images to enlarge.

The "Burning Bush" (Euonymous alatus) the back is as red as it will get before the leaves begin to drop. It's really something right now. This plant is a volunteer, whose seeds must been blown here or dropped by birds. 

All of these colors are both vivid and demure, bright and worn-in, the same and different.

This magenta and purple annual is still hanging in there. The orange nasturtiums planted with it have been done with for a week or so, low night temps to blame.

Color breaks become almost painterly in this photograph, shot today around noon.

Such a natural play between colors and the graphics of the piece, the various sized leaves, limbs and trunks.

Similar blues and yellows have been seen earlier this season with these sunflower/sky photos.

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