Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seen Today Along the Shoreline

I'm not an expert at 1800-spotting, but I'm making an educated guess that this is a late '60s P1800S. I believe the 1800E of 1970 had a different grille and side trim. Roger Moore as the Saint drove one of the these cars in the popular sixties TV show. Here's some good info at Wiki on the P1800 series.

These cars were designed in the late fifties and stayed in production through the early 70s, ending with the P1800ES sportwagon.

This is a great period publicity piece for the original 1957 Volvo P1800. I like the original "cowhorn" front bumpers and the way the chrome side trim follows the actual contouring of the body scallop. In later years they straighted the chrome strip left the scoop-like indent in the sheetmetal. This version is the cleanest and most pure, one of the really great examples of later mid-century transportation design, imho, of course! It's everything a close-coupled closed sport coupe should be. The short, rounded rear fins really define the derrière of this brilliant design.  


  1. Did I see my favorite card part the wind wing??

  2. Post-war Europe had one of the nicest car design eras the world has ever experienced. From the Messerschmitt KR200 to the Volvo, you simply couldn't go wrong driving around in something totally original.

  3. I like older movies set in Erurope for that reason. Regular traffic shots of mid fifties-through seventies Europe is fascinating. I think it was Practical Classics, a very cool Brit car mag that wasn't stuffy and glossy, ran a monthly feature of old traffic photos, with the very cool daily cars of postwar England. I loved those photos! Special Interest Autos used to do a similar feature once in a while too, but set in the USA. I find my off-hand photos of traffic from the '80s taking on a period look to me now.