Monday, October 18, 2010

Where'd That Come From?

One of the smaller cosmos around the perimeter of the vegetable garden is a dark purple. This is the only cosmos of this color to bloom this year! I think it looks great with the fallen leaves on the ground. 

Another cosmos has decided to bloom, outside of the garden next to the original morning glories. The thinning remains of a red geranium adds a third flower color to this view. As the days grow shorter, the morning glories don't always develop fully, leaving pink ribs on the front of the flowers. They usually bleach out to a bright white if given enough light and warmth.

The glories that come out later in the day keep their pink ribs. If they open fully first thing in the day, they finish brightening to their full blue color, otherwise they stay this two-toned look! 




  2. Like the pink and blue glories. I'd call them boys and girls.

    I saw you Tweeted on Twitter for your Turbine Car Brochure.

    Peter Valdes-Dapena/CNN Auto
    Hemmings Motor News/

  3. Good early afternoon everyone. I had posted 2 or 3 comments yesterday and I don't see them...Cyber mice must have eaten them!
    Casey, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful pics...we had just gotten to my parent's house when my dad had a heart attack...we took off and were at the hospital with him about 75 miles away from their home...he is doing better now and we are back in western NE...but what I wanted to tell you is "THANK YOU" for sharing the beautiful flowers esp...they are on my phone slide show and it was such a sense of peace that would come over me when I would see them go past...what a blessing they have been...your generosity in sharing them is beyond words.
    I also "wished" Aunt Hoohoo a happy birthday...goodness, she was my age exactly when she passed...that seems SO young..I am thankful for her part in your"thank you Aunt well."
    Hello to all as I've missed you..Paul, are you back in NYC?? Hope you are all having a beautiful fall ...

  4. sorry about the missing comments! I haven't had to moderate them in quite a while, they just go through on their own, so I don't even have a record of them if they don't make it... sorry, again!

    anonymous--I didn't realize my Turbo was tweeted, lol. I've never used Twitter. I think I signed up for an account, but have never personally tweeted!

  5. Casey and all - if you love early mornings and dewy cobwebs and some poetry for good measure - might I suggest a visit to Rima's blog always a peaceful meander. :)

  6. as long as I don't have to actually read it early in the morning... : ) thanks.

  7. Mare, you other post that is similar to this one did post. I read it last night. I can't remember on which thread it was, though. Nice to have you back! So glad your father is mending. Aren't Casey's photos amazing? :)