Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boomers' Study Hall Fantasy, 1970 Style

1970 Holden Torana GTR-X concept car. This car is everything a young man coming of age in the 1960s doodled in his notebooks during home room and study halls. It's low, it's lithe, it's sleek and swanky and looks like it's going a million miles an hour sitting still. Somehow it escaped me for all of these years. I was blown away when I found these photos tonight online.

Headlights in closed position.

The taillight graphic wraps into the rocker panel trim.

Super sleek and sexy, this Holden was even hotter looking than the contemporary Opel GT.

• There is a little bit of info for the GTR-X at this Wiki, almost last entry.
• You can see a photo of this car today, here, apparently it still exists.
• Slightly more in-depth article here.
• It reminds me of this slightly later GM concept for the US, the XP-something or another. It, too, had a really long snout and a tiny cabin. I haven't found it googling this evening.


  1. WOW! Once a hot car, always a hot car. The GTR-X has managed to stay quite contemporary for being 40 yo.
    Just a few tweeks would put it back in the show circuit again.

  2. This One?

    GM Concepts:

  3. yes, that's it! Thanks! I can remember seeing this image for the first time in a grocery store. It was probably in a new Motor Trend or R&T. I like it then, and I still do today. The front overhang needs to be addressed, lol, but very good vintage Mitchell GM.