Monday, October 4, 2010

Pinks and Blues. In October? You Betcha! : )

The first week of October and my summer annuals are going strong. The nights are dipping into the high 40s now, but the days are still in the 60s and low 70s. My cutting garden doesn't understand it's about to end one of these days! I'm hoping for another three weeks before a killing frost, but we could have one any time now. The 8-day forecast seems just fine though. All of these photos, as is the norm at my blog, are clickable thumbnails, so enlarge and enjoy!

The morning glories are a deeper blue than before, and they're lasting longer during the day. The second set of glories is finally blooming, so the almost-bare veggie garden is bracketed in blue these days.

This geranium hasn't had a flower since July. It's lushly leaved, about 18 inches around and high, and just now throwing off multiple buds. I'll be bringing this in for the winter to save for next year. By this time of the year, most geraniums are leggy and not attractive, and this one is just beautifully compact and thick.

I call this photo "Cosmos or Butterflies?" Click on it to enlarge. The overexposed sky and trees obliterate the leaves and stems, and the Cosmos flowers just seem to be floating and flying freely. I would love to see this enlarged to perhaps an 8-foot wide mural. I think it would be gorgeous.

The bees love these glories. There is one in the center of the large bloom at the bottom. That's a bit of a red geranium at the lower left.

The Cosmos are multiplying daily and vary from a really nice pink, to a lavender, really subtle mixtures of magenta and cyan.

While not a great photograph, I included this to show the height of the flowers. The Cosmos in the back are more than 8-feet tall! Even the Zinnias are between 4- and 5-feet tall.


  1. The first year I moved to Missouri from out west, I planted a ton of geraniums in my yard. I didn't know they could not winter outside. I think I potted up about five and brought then inside for the winter but that was the first and last year I went overboard with geraniums. We we so lucky in Southern California and Hawaii with its one growing season.




  3. sorry about that Granny. I can't imagine what's going on.