Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Fun Chop—1:18 Torino Cobra Fordor

Ford could have created an early "four door coupe" using its gorgeous 1970 Torino fastback. I used Ford's classic Fordor moniker for this pillarless hardtop sedan. Torinos of this vintage had a four door pillarless bodystyle but it was more formal looking than this Sportsroof model. As odd as this bodystyle may have looked in 1970, it really looks pretty 'normal' today. That's how far sedans have come in the styling department in the past 40 years. 

This is the second in a series of fake cars based on my scale models rather than press photos of actual cars. The first one was the 1971 Riviera formal roof, and I have a few more on the horizon! I'm including a different small collectible with each one to show scale. In this piece I used a pair of vintage eyeglasses that belonged to my grandmother. I also left a white plastic jug of fish emulsion for the garden on the top step. It's an excellent plant food, and expensive, so I thought I'd better get some artistic use out of it as well, lol.


  1. I love this Casey ! Another home run. The two door converts very easily to a fordor body style. Makes one wonder why they went through the extra expense of creating the formal roof for the production four door sedan.

  2. I have never seen someone crop a scale model before and to put it next to your glasses is kind of comical.

    Do your glasses have that annoying elastic band that wraps around each lens?

  3. How 'bout a four door....say '67 Marlin? Criminal?

  4. Woody: click on the Riviera link in the post and you'll see my first scale model chop, the '71 Riviera.

    Marius: I would definitely take you up on that, but I don't have a model of a '67 Marlin, the best looking Marlin of the 3 years. Maybe I can find a decent resolution photo of a Marlin though.

  5. I found a Dick Teague fan page. Got to love the internets.

  6. My FIRST CAR blog just posted!

    Hope you all are staying dry. Be safe.

  7. Casey, do we have a limit on how many "favorites" we have?? THIS series will be my favorite of car chops...LOVE the idea of putting a small collectible with the model chop...
    Hoping your hand will soon be good as new...that was quite an injury wasn't it?

  8. Thanks Mare. You can have as many favorites as you desire!

    I'm on the mend. If it wasn't for the pain, the swelling and the lack of range of motion, I wouldn't even know I was hurt, lol!

  9. The 67 Marlin! That is what the Marlin should have been all along. It's just amazing to me that, given how bad the Rebel-based Marlin sold for 65-66, that AMC tooled up a Marlin on the new body introduced for 67. A four-door Marlin? Bring it on Casey!!

    Paul, NYC