Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Let Your Dog Eat Puzzle Pieces

Washington State—the piece from the antique jigsaw puzzle below. Why? Because that's where Bette lives, and that's where she's celebrating the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of her business, Tiny Growl. I can't believe it has been a year already! I can't believe how fast each day passes, let alone weeks and months. Bette looks back at that first year, here.

Bette writes a great blog for all of you dog lovers. I like dogs, as long as they belong to someone else... I haven't had a pet since grade school. So click over and wish her well! She's old, she just had a birthday and she needs the encouragement. HAHAHAHAHA (I'm ducking now)


  1. Thanks for posting this, Casey! As a dog lover her information will come in handy. The photo of the dog "ollie" was very cute and was the name of my Scottie.

  2. glad you enjoyed it. read it often! : )
    bette and I go way back, it's fun to be in the blogworld together now too.

  3. a lot of the smaller states are grouped together in some of the jigsaw pieces, I guess they would have been too small to make out of the stock they used. It's quite thick for pressed board/composite.

    I have another jigsaw puzzle in an old cream of wheat cylindrical container. I don't even know what it's supposed to be. would be 'fun' to put together.

  4. in all honesty, and because she said I had to, Bette is only three years older than I am. In my defense, there are mountains younger than I am, so that's not saying much.hahahahahaa : )

  5. Hi Casey and Gang!

    I love love love doing jigsaw puzzles! I only usually do them when I visit my mom on the other coast. But this is a truly great puzzle, Casey. Just lovliness before my eyes! Do put the other puzzle together, please! Wish I could help! You have so many interests! Makes me giggle. And view you with awe. :)

  6. Oh, yes...I went to Bette's blog and read it, too. Beautifully written and very "from the heart". If I had a dog, I'd buy one of her pouches. But, alas, I have 5 cats so it wouldn't work for that. They don't get to go outside.

    I'm sure enjoying your posts, Casey, even though I don't comment a lot. I read them all and all of the comments, too. Thank you for letting us post our own posts here this last week, as well. Very nice!

    I will be missing for a couple of weeks starting this Thursday. I'm going to see Mom on the other coast and won't have computer access. Continue the festivities however, as you will. LOL


  7. Have a great time with your Mom and getting away from the computer! see you when you get back!