Friday, September 3, 2010

Just a Bit of Insight

Taking away the Insight's rear doors and shortening the car a bit, has given Honda's little hybrid a new lease on life. Instead of looking like a cut-rate Prius, it seems more like a roomy sports coupe, unlike Honda's other new little hybrid, the CR-Z. It also seems to have a bit of the mid-80s Civic Hatchback mojo, as ground-breaking a design as Honda has ever produced.


  1. What a transformation! The Insight went from a 4 door I would NEVER buy to a sporty little pocket rocket that I'd be glad to own. From the bigger wheels to the rocker panel blackout to the reshaped greenhouse this car is a home run ! Are you going to email it to Honda, or should I ?

  2. Casey,

    This is amazing! My ex and I had a 90 Civic hatchback and it was so much fun to drive and so useful (I used it as a moving van when I cleaned out my late uncle's house) and also quite roomy and comfortable for four people. You are probably referring to the model just before that one -- the one with the hard edges -- I liked that one because it looked somewhat cartoonish (especially the station wagon). This Insight is something Honda could do so easily -- maybe it would stop some of the naysayers who are bleating that Honda has lost its way. Of course, the bleaters on leftlanenews seem gleeful about the lost way. People!

    Paul, NYC

  3. I really like the way this one turned out too. Mary's husband Rick, is a Honda salesman, and I'm going to email him several of my Honda chops soon for the dealership to ogle!

  4. Nice job! Acura should have continued selling their RSX/Intergra and used this design for a replacement.
    Long Live Casey's Designs!