Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Make Cardboard Quilts, But a Cardboard Car?

In today's New York Times, a cardboard-covered Smart ForTwo was featured, which will be at the Paris car show this week. There was no photo credit attached to this photo, so I'm assuming it's not the property of the Times, but rather a press photo so I'm including it here. It even looks like something I would have created a la my cardboard quilts! I know they really don't get great mileage, they have a finicky transmission and not much room for anything, but I'd buy a regular metal ForTwo tomorrow if I could afford one! I'd take the convertible, as pictured, probably with the Brabus package in a dark color with a bright red leather interior. It would be fun. They still turn heads whenever you see one.

New York Times link to the story, here.


  1. You gave me an idea that could really spark sales of these cars.
    Create limited edition "art" cars, kind of the automotive equivalent to what Swatch did years ago with their watches. Get famous and emerging artists to design and promote their versions of the car - it would be marketing at it's finest, and at the same time generating free publicity for the artists.

  2. It's interesting you mention Swatch. They were Mercedes partner when the Smart was being developed. The removable fiberglass body panels of the first series were designed to be changed at whim, and would have had marble swirls, stripes, flowers whatever, just like Swatch's original watches. But then Swatch pulled out and Mercedes seems to have forgotten about the idea.