Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From the Lincoln Chop Archives

This chop was to show what the '72-'76 Lincoln Mark IV might have looked like if the company had decided to go aero-sporty with this series, like they did later on with the Mark VII. I rendered it with filters to make it look like a drawing, a designer's sketch perhaps. I think it could have worked! I made the rear window a bit smaller, more limousine-like, to go with the superb trunklid spare tire hump, a feature I still am in love with. I really think Lincoln could create a 2010 luxury coupe with this feature!

 A facelift of the MKS to make it more BMW 7 series-like. Before there was EcoBoost, I imagined there might be a TwinForce 6 cylinder engine with both a super- and a turbo-charger as VW had introduced in Europe, albeit in 1.4 liter 4 cylinder form.

This Escape-based crossover, the Motivator Hybrid, was meant to be a stopgap until Lincoln could come out with their own. Of course, they have the MKX now, recently facelifted and VERY desirable in my humble opinion! I tried to think of ways Lincoln could easily, and "cheaply" add to the Escapes body to differentiate it clearly, since they'd have to spend a bit to make the doors open "correctly!" I still really like the broad C pillar. I think it gives the small ute a very substantial presence, almost sedan like.


  1. I see that Lincolns continue to be an inspiration to you. All of these are amazing. My favorite is the Lincolnized Escape. That exterior with a fabulous Lincoln interior -- twin cove dashboard and some REAL leather. It's inspired!

    It was 96 degrees when I landed today in SF. Thank God the place I've been staying since 2002 has finally installed airconditioning!

    Paul, NYC

  2. Ah, the Mark IV.
    I would like to see this same design used on a smaller scale - say similar in size to GM's 79-85 E-bodies. Now that I think of it, I guess that it would be similar in size to the Mark VII. Maybe its stylistic forebearer. Keep all the Mark IV styling cues, use your updated roofline, and change the hubcaps to a deep offset wheel - perfect.
    I'm in love with the MKS/Leland!
    The roofline tranforms the car - and the suicide doors work with this design effortlessly. If this was the successor to the current MKS, I'd buy it!
    The Motivator (great name, btw)sits very well with me also. I love the thicker C-pillar, it gives this sport ute a distinctive look. The Navigator style grille works well with the rounder headlights. Suicides intregrate nicely, as do the bigger wheels. Maybe this is the motivator Lincoln needs to tweak their lineup!

  3. Casey, your humor about the Lincoln's name made me laugh. I can heard Arnold Schawaznegger doing the voice over for the commercials.
    The grille actually plays well with the entire set up. Not tacky or too menacing but just right. I wonder if Lincoln will get their own version of the Kuga SUV headed our way?

    The trunk hump thing should defiantly come back to the brand as well. You can easily convert the MKS into a coupe if you wanted...

  4. Woody, now you have me cracking up!
    Introducing the new Lincoln
    Moo tive vey tooor ! Too funny.

  5. Nice use of the Hofmeister Kink on the MKS.

  6. It was really just a development of the MKS greenhouse, but I certainly didn't mind that it ended up looking more like a BMW side window than the original, lol. Thanks for the comment!

  7. i really like this rendering of the mark IV.
    i've always thought the Marks would make stunning convertibles.

    nicely done! jim