Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Listening to RIght Now...

One by U2 and Mary J. Blige.

M U S I C — I have to admit I really don't understand videos like this. This is what I call 'Coca-Cola Commercial" videos. I have no idea why they have to show the band in such odd hand-wringing emotional crap onstage, lol. The music and performances are genius, but I'd rather look at a cinematographer's concept of what the music says to him/her, instead of this pseudo sexual gut wrenching 80s pastiche. I know, I'm a bit bitter. But wouldn't a Yellow Submarine sort of animation, or a beautiful garden tour representation of  "One Life" and all of the various forms life takes. But that's just me. Click on it though, it's a good performance. Just close your eyes and make your own video. If I knew how, I'd make one of my art, lol.

Or stare at this smaller than the 6 series, 628. I chopped this confusingly named BMW coupe a couple of years ago. Consider this bonus art for this musical post.  : )
In retrospect, I think this should be a 4 series coupe, halfway between the 3 and 5 series, just as the 6 coupe is slotted between the 5 and 7 series.


  1. Hey Casey,

    I have some tunes you might like - a couple from the Hope for Haiti Show and 1 from Jeff Buckley - Calling You from Bagdad (They spelled it that way) Cafe.

    J Legend Motherless Child. Really beautiful version. "Live"


    MJ Blige Hard Times. Another good one. "Live"


    Jeff Buckley Calling You "Live" He's the one who drowned in the Mississippi when he was 30 yrs. old, but we all have our problems.


    Like your "Tweener" 4 Series coupe. No Bangle or flame surfacing?

  2. Casey,

    That BMW is hot! It's what the 3 series hatchback from a few years ago could and should have looked like. If it had, it might have been a success. I liked them but I guess I was the only one!

    I'm reminded of Peter DeLorenzo and his rants against BMW's current path. This car would help get them back on the right road.

    Paul, NYC

  3. Casey, once again I have to agree with Paul, this BMW is sublime.
    Clean, unpretentious design. Production ready. I'd buy one regardless of the name.

  4. Sorry, Supload removed my first file.

    I tried again:


  5. thanks for those. i have to switch to the other mac to listen to files (!), but will soon. I was able to DL John Legend, and your last file was for a song called Mochi?

    whatsup with Sup site? it seems a very fast way to download. some sites are so slow when you get files from them. Never heard of Sup before.

  6. Mochi is Motherless Child. I was trying to fool them into thinking it was a Japanese girl band.

    Supload is pretty good. First time they removed a file I uploaded.

    Oh...Next coffee's on me.

  7. oh, Duh! i'm making a second pot of coffee right now.

  8. That would have made a nice looking coupe to say the least as the old 3 door hatch was a bomb. Too bad people were just getting used to Bangle's design.