Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deja View

My little friend, Deja, stopped by on Monday afternoon with her grandmother, my close friend. We walked around the yard and I snipped some Zinnias and Ageratum for her, and you can see the colors were an exact match for her festive Madras sundress. Deja is my youngest collector, being the proud owner of the Princess Rocking Chair I posted two weeks ago, and also one of my paintings, posted in May. You'll notice Deja somehow matched her outfit to the gift that day, too. It was not planned! 

I love this photo, the absolute epitome of childhood innocence and happiness. It reminds me of this piece of mine, a photo of my mother as a child. Her eyes are closed in the same expression of childhood giddiness and that feeling of complete safety and happiness. Approximately ninety years separate these two children's photos, but children are children are children. As the Talking Heads sang in Once in a Lifetime, "Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was..." (Note: This video is from a live performance in Germany in 1980. Where did those thirty years go? This is not my beautiful life!!!)

Nita's Little Hood Ornament, 27 x 32 inches on layered cardboard. Childhood innocence personified ca 1920-21.


  1. I can't imagine a more perfect picture of Deja. Truly once in a lifetime imagery. Make sure she gets a copy, she'll cherish it.

  2. thanks! i'm glad I thought to take some pics. I don't really take photos of people very often, they don't sit the same as flowers or inanimate objects. It's really a different experience, much more of a hit-or-miss proposition! I love it when they work out though!

    okay, it's 3:30, i'm going to make myself turn the computer off now!

  3. I think the eyes must close for the soul to smile, both girls are reflecting the pure joy of the moment.



  5. Such a beautiful her personality as vibrant as it appears? Just want to give her a squeeze...Imagine what she will tell someday about her visit to her Grandma's best friend?? and life goes on...
    Annie, if that is true about the eyes being closed for the soul to smile...her little soul must be the pure joy that radiates from her..
    Casey, I would love to see a few more "people" shots (if you can find willing subjects.) I can't believe it is a fluke that you can catch the emotion that you did from your little subject.
    Beautiful fall-like day here...watered what is left of my few little flowers and enjoying hanging out my few clothes and washing up dishes...mundane but very peaceful today.
    peace to all of you

  6. Deja is wearing a Casey plaid dress.