Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Cranky Old Man Andy Rooney Moment

O P I N I O N   P A G E — I just saw a Buick Enclave commercial on TV and was reminded how irritated I am at Buick's B and C pillar treatment. It's a small thing, maybe even a tiny inconsequential thing, but the fact that the B pillar is blacked out and the C pillar is painted really bothers me. They're both surrounded by chrome molding, and my aesthetic sense says they need to be treated equally. With the door surrounds and B pillar painted body color, along with the C pillar, it would work. Conversely if everything inside the chrome molding was blacked out, it would work. Or if the chrome molding stopped at the door, and the C pillar was more a part of the roof, I could see it being painted. But by being surrounded by that bright trim molding, the C pillar becomes part of the 'greenhouse' or window area, and it ends up looking like it's missing the black cover to my eyes. It's even worse on a white vehicle like in the commercial. The fact that both pillars are almost exactly the same width compounds the problem.

Cranky old man diatribe over. For now!

1 comment:

  1. Keep them coming Casey!
    At this point in our lives, we've earned the right to be critical of anything and everything!
    Your right on the C-pillar too, by the way.