Sunday, September 5, 2010

Finishing the Domestic Luxury Car Trilogy

Having recently chopped a black 2012 Lincoln MKS and an equally dark new Cadillac Seville, I'm rounding out the traditional domestic Big Three luxury cars with a dark charcoal Chrysler 300C. I love the current 300 but having been introduced in 2005, it's time for a change, as Chrysler will actually be doing shortly. I've used the more rounded greenhouse and more contemporary detailing of Chrysler's 200C concept car, coupled with the now-traditional 300 front end treatment, re-proportioned taller and bluffer, with a new lower fascia. I think it has a sleeker yet still-sinister look, and would be more aerodynamically efficient and contemporary in every way, while not tossing out  any of its well-deserved street cred. A longer wheelbase and slightly tidier overall length will be a boon to European sales.

The base photo for this chop was a presser for the 200C concept from last year (year before, by now?), and I made a 300 out of it. In retrospect, it would have been less work to start with a 300 and add the concept's details, but at least I know the "platform" of my chop will be up-to-date, too.  : )


  1. I love your 300C. You've enhanced an already great design. But I'm partial to the original, IMO the best looking car to be released during Gilles watch so far. The mesh grille you used is retrofitted to half of the 300's on the streets in Detroit, glad you made it "standard".

  2. I like the mesh a lot, but I had to tone it down. It was a really bright chrome. As much as I like chrome, it was a bit much for this chop, so I made it a dark chrome. I think it would look nice in a dark body color too, but light cars would have a it in dark gray.

    I think a dark colored 300 with the right wheels and options is a fantastic looking car to this day. I think one like that will look great forever, a modern classic.

  3. Casey and Phantom,

    It's interesting to me that the current 300 can look either dull as dishwater or hot as can be depending on the wheels. A lot of the appeal of the current car also depends on the color. This chop looks great -- I am SO eager to see what the revised one looks like -- a number of spy shots of the new Charger have been leaked but nothing yet on the 300 other than a strange illustration shown at the big press conference that Sergio held several months ago (last year?). We were lucky enough to given a 300 last year when I'd reserved a mid-size car from Dollar for our trip to Western New York state. It looked very bland -- white with standard wheels -- but was a real dream to drive -- very comfortable and effortless on the highway. I'll be interested to see how close your chop is to the 2011 (or will it be 2012?).

    Paul, NYC

  4. Casey...

    That is genius at work. When you can change every line on a car and it's still subtle, it's genius. Hope you don't mind that I sent this to Sergio Macaroni... just wanted to make sure his update was on par with this... otherwise it will be an epic fail.

    You're da best!

    Scottsdale, AZ